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CBD Salsa Verde

CBD Salsa Verde

Yield: 2 cups

100mg total in 2 cups



6 tomatillos 

4 cloves of garlic

half of medium white onion, sliced

3 jalapeños (or more or less depending on preferred spice level). Sliced in half and deseeded and deveined. (Again, if you want it spicer leave the veins and seeds.)

4 milliliters Pacha CBD Oil (100mg)

3/4  cup cilantro, loosely packed




1) In a medium size pot place your tomatillos, garlic, onion and jalapeños and cover with water and have it come to a boil and cook until everything is fork tender. 

2) Drain water from the pot and place everything in a blender and add cilantro, Pacha CBD Oil, and a couple of dashes of salt. Blend until smooth and taste to see if you think it needs more salt. 

That's it! Super easy and delicious. Great for chips, on eggs and tacos.  Get creative! Enjoy. 



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